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A flatbed semi trailer for sale in Guyana is a type of trailer that has a level bed with no sides or roof. In addition to shipping containers, it can also transport large or bulky items that cannot be transported in a closed trailer.
One of the reasons why many companies buy low bed trailer truck is that they are so versatile. The structure of the low bed truck allows the company to easily transport such a wide cargo.
Tri axle dump trailer for sale in Guyana is designed to haul and unload large volumes of loose materials, such as gravel, sand, soil, or demolition debris.
The size of the 3 axle flatbed trailer in Guyana loading area is determined according to the standard container size, 40 foot flatbed trailer can transport 1×40ft or 2×20ft container.
40 ft flatbed trailer for sale in Guyana adopts the Low carbon high strength alloy steel T700 to make the main beam, it has a higher carry capacity and service life of more than 10 years.
The main beam of truck and flatbed trailer for sale is made of high strength steel material, it has a longer service life and allowed the 48 ft flatbed trailer for sale loard more heavy cargos.
3 axle flatbed truck trailer is carefully designed to desired heights and weight capacity to safely load and transport containers from one location to another.
40ft container loader trailer in Guyana is a type of specialized trailer that is used to hoist and transport standard containers over long distances.
20ft container side loader truck for sale in Guyana is equipped with imported centralized lubrication system, and the electric control is easy to operate.
Side loader trailer is the best choice when you need high versatility and maximized payload on the road.
It is ideal to use the side lift container trailer in Guyana for delivery after transporting the container to the designated location.
The main parts of the fuel tanker trailer for sale in Guyana are processed with advanced equipment, and the parts are all world-renowned brands.
Stainless steel tanker for sale in Guyana is mainly used to transport food such as edible oil, and cooking oil and can be divided into those with an insulation layer and those without an insulation layer.
The air suspension can reduce the oil tanker trailers in Guyana vibration when going through some bumpy roads, which can better protect the safety of the cargo.
TITAN cement bulker trailer adopt Weichai engine & Famous brand air compressor so keep the fast unloading speed.
The CIMC flatbed trailer for sale in Guyana has no roof or walls to the side. CIMC flatbed trailer for sale is the hotest model for sale in Africa.
The size of the CIMC flatbed trailer loading area is determined according to the standard container size, tri axle flatbed trailer can transport 1×40ft or 2×20ft container.
CIMC shipping container trailer is used to transport containers, and it have different shapes and sizes. CIMC container moving trailer can be customized to 20/40/45/53 feet.
20 ft container trailer for sale especially used for transportation of various containers. Container skeleton trailer for sale can be used repeatedly for a long time, with sufficient strength.
CIMC low bed trailer are widely used, mainly for medium and long-distance freight transportation. Low bed trailers are commonly used to transport heavy vehicles and other heavy-duty cargo.
CIMC 4 axle low loader for sale with heavy duty mechanical suspension with suspension thickness of 10mm and kingpin diameter of 70mm.
As a professional manufacturer, CIMC has provided many low bed trailer for sale in many countries. We have much more advantages on the low bed truck trailer’s cost and quality control.
CIMC tri axle drop deck trailer for sale the economic and flexible solution for numerous different tasks in heavy duty or special transportation.
CIMC fuel tanker trailer for sale in Guyana adopt advanced design concept. CIMC Group can customized the fuel tanker for you according to your request.
CIMC uses aluminum alloy to produce the diesel tanker trailer for sale, the thickness of the tank body is 5.2 mm,and the front and back shell is 7 mm thick.
Cement bulker truck trailer is suitable for the transportation of powder dry materials such as fly ash, cement, lime powder, ore powder, aluminum powder and other particles.
CIMC tractor tipper trailer for sale usually used to carry building materials such as sand, stones, ore, and scrap iron.
CIMC dump truck trailer equipped with reliable hydraulic HYVA cylinder. CIMC can customize the end dump trailer according to your special need.
CIMC dumper trailer for sale is equipped with HYVA cylinder, which is more reliable and more safety.
CIMC 3 axle tipper trailer for sale near me adopt high strength steel to make it durable when loading the sand or small stones or rocks.
Tri axle fuel tanker trailer for sale in Guyana use JOST/FUWA landing gears. Axles are of top Chinese brand FUWA or German brand BPW.
40 ft drop deck trailer for sale main beam gooseneck lower has a reinforcement, gooseneck double plat. The drop deck trailer in the heavy load when the deformation range is very small, better to use.
Aluminum tanker trailer for sale in Guyana is lighter than traditional steel tanks, but have excellent strength and durability. This makes them easier to transport and install.
A bitumen tanker trailer, also known as an asphalt trailer, is a specialized type of tanker used for transporting bitumen, which is a sticky and viscous form of petroleum.
The 4 axle diesel tanker trailer for sale in Guyana used for carrying different liquids like fuel, petrol, diesel, palm oil, etc.
Extendable flatbed trailer consists of multiple sections that can be extended or retracted based on the length requirements of the cargo being transported. This allows the trailer to be flexible and versatile in meeting different load specifications.



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